Convenient and Flexible Options

Mortgages Designed to Meet Your Needs

At Wicks Mortgage, we handle various types of lending to fit our clients’ unique needs.

Our Process Explained

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

At Wicks Mortgage, we help you understand the total price of a home. We work with our clients to help them understand their entire financial landscape and their timeline to purchase – giving them a holistic overview of what they can afford – and why. By taking potential homeowners through a pre-approval, we make the buying process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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Competitive Rates

Primary Residence Purchases

With access to dozens of lenders, we will help you find the lender and mortgage product that best suits your individual needs. We work to ensure applications proceed quickly from initial review to approval.

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Mortgage Options


Whether moving lenders or consolidating debt, refinancing can have significant financial benefits. It can help reduce monthly payments, access equity for renovations or investment or help consolidate debt.

Instead of accepting the terms of your current lender, Wicks Mortgage can help negotiate on your behalf.

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Your Financial Future

Rental/Investment Properties

Real estate can be an excellent investment, providing opportunities for both monthly cash flow and equity accumulation. Whether adding a rental suite to an existing home or purchasing a new property, we have access to lenders and products to help meet your investment goals.

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Personal or Commercial

Construction Mortgages

When you have a vision – whether it’s for your own home or commercial property – we can help by providing trusted advice and the proper cash flow required to ensure a successful build.

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Wicks Mortgage

Commercial/Business Lending

Whether you’re seeking to invest in commercial real estate or require a business loan for expansion, Wicks Mortgage has over ten years of direct experience in commercial and business lending to guide you through the process.

With experience across most classes of commercial real estate (mixed-use, multi-family, industrial, strata and agriculture) we look forward to discussing your commercial lending needs.

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